Williamson County Drug Distribution and Transportation Charges

Charges of drug distribution in Texas are a serious offense. Texas law does not distinguish between transporting drugs and selling drugs. If you are charged with delivering drugs, even if they aren't yours, you will be facing the same penalties as someone charged with selling drugs. Depending on the amount of illegal substance involved, you could be charged with the more serious crime of drug trafficking.

Conviction of drug distribution can depend on evidence found on your person or what is deemed "constructive possession". This would be illegal drugs found in a place that would be easy for you to access - your car or house for instance. Being in possession of illegal drug paraphernalia such as scales, envelopes or bags, is a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas. Intent to sell drug paraphernalia is a Class A Misdemeanor. If you are charged with selling drug paraphernalia to someone under the age of 18 it is considered a felony. Any of these charges can be used to develop a possible case of drug distribution against you.

What are the Penalties for Drug Transportation and Distribution in Texas?

Drug distribution charges have much more serious consequences than simple drug possession charges. Along with fines and jail time, any personal assets used to distribute controlled substances can be confiscated by local and federal authorities. This means you could lose your car as well as your home if convicted. The penalties can vary from probation to life in prison depending on the quantity and type of drug involved, any involvement with minors, importation from another state or country and prior convictions. Drug distribution and transportation laws are very complex and sound legal defense requires experience dealing with these Texas controlled substance laws.

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