False Allegations of Sexual Assault

False allegations of sexual assault come with serious consequences and major repercussions that can follow you for the rest of your life. There are also legal consequences for those falsely accusing someone of sexual assault. It is a crime in Texas to falsely claim a sexual assault and those found guilty of this crime can face stiff fines and penalties.

What Motivates an Unfounded Sexual Assault Charge?

It’s not always easy to determine the motivation of someone making false allegations against you. If the accusations are coming from a child, they may be under the influence of an older person with their own agenda. Some reasons may be:

It’s not easy to define false allegations due to the nature of the claim. It can come from many different motives and situations some of which have been enumerated. You should be aware that prosecutors and law enforcement officials are used to dealing with the accusers' statements being inconsistent and even having parts of the statement that are obviously untrue. They normally do not automatically throw out these claims.

Sexual Assault is a Serious Charge

Sexual assault is taken very seriously in Texas and a thorough investigation will normally follow a claim, unless it is determined to be clearly baseless. Some common reasons cases are labeled as unfounded include:

Steve Hesse Law Firm Can Help

Unfortunately, false accusations of sexual assault are all too common. If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault or sexual abuse you will need the help of a criminal defense attorney that has experience with trial situations, can determine inconsistencies in the accusers statements during cross examination, and someone who is familiar with the criminal justice system in that court. Confidence comes with experience and success.
Steve Hesse, criminal attorney has over 20 years of combined experience in criminal law, from both sides of the bench, as a prosecutor and defense lawyer. Contact Steve today for a completely confidential and free consultation of your case.