Sex Crime Accusations in Williamson County

Being accused of a sex crime can destroy your career and your family life. If you are facing sex crime accusations, you need to immediately take action to protect your freedom and reputation. An experienced Texas sex crimes defense attorney can inform you of what specific types of sex crimes you can be charged with in Texas state court.

Steve B. Hesse Will Challenge the Prosecution's Body of Proof

The prosecution must offer a body of proof before a conviction of a sex crime can be obtained. This evidence can be challenged by an experienced criminal attorney familiar with the Williamson County Justice System. Steve Hesse has many years experience as a prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer. He has more than a decade of experience handling all types of sex crimes in Williamson County and has a successful record of acquittals for those falsely accused of sex crimes. Many of these trials involved allegations of sexual assault of a minor child.

Sexual Offenses as Defined by the Texas Penal Code

You Should Take Action Immediately

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