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Family Violence Attorney Liberty Hill TX

Family Violence Attorney Liberty Hill TX

Need A Family Violence Attorney in Liberty Hill TX?

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Family Violence Charges in Liberty Hill TX

Family Violence Charges are more common than you might think. Most cases result from a family dispute that gets out of hand. Family Violence charges can be brought against family members, married an unmarried couples. Most people don’t realize that once the police are called in on a domestic dispute situation, someone’s going to jail. If you are in this situation then consider calling Liberty Hill TX Family Violence Attorney Steve Hesse today.


Can I Get Family Violence Charges Dropped?

It is the State’s decision whether or not to drop charges, not the accuser. I have many years experience dealing with domestic abuse cases. Many times I have dealt with a case where when after everyone has calmed down the “victim” will want to drop the charges and get life back to normal. This decision is not in their hands. Family Violence charges are filed by the State of Texas and it is rare for the prosecutor to drop the charges. This is set up to protect a battered spouse from being bullied into changing his or her story. This is why it’s important to have a professional Family Violence Attorney in Liberty Hill TX.


Family Violence Attorney Liberty Hill TX

Hire A Professional Family Violence Attorney in Liberty Hill TX

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I have seen many cases of false allegations of Family Violence and abuse. The alleged victim may simply make up a story in an effort to win a child custody battle or divorce case. Or the accusations can stem from jealously, anger or revenge. Because most people charged with domestic assault have never had a previous criminal charge, they don’t understand what can happen after a call is made to the police concerning a domestic dispute:

  • Police issue an Emergency Protective Order
  • Sometimes a temporary restraining order will be issued
  • An arrest will be made
  • Bail will be set
  • The accused will not be allowed to return to their home
  • Family life will be totally disrupted


A recently legislated addition to the Texas Penal Code is the Continuous Family Violence Offense. If you are charged with more than one offense in a 12 month period, you will be facing a third degree felony charge. If you were convicted under a misdemeanor charge for your first offense, any additional charge of Family Violence will have you facing up to 10 years in prison.


Family Violence Attorney Liberty Hill TX

Arrested for Family Violence?

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Hire an experienced Family Violence Attorney near Liberty Hill TX immediately. It can be a major determining factor in the outcome of you case if your attorney has experience with the Williamson County Justice System.

You should write down your specific recollections of the events leading up to the domestic incident. You should do this as soon as possible, including any and all details. This allows you to give a more complete and consistent description of your side of the story. Give these notes to your attorney.


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