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By: AJ on Steve Hesse Law

Hi I just wanted to leave a great review about the lawyer, personally I think he was one of the best in Texas Austin and multiple counties in Texas . He was able to beat a lot of cases as a private and court appointed attorney lawyer for the State of Texas. You should contact him immedialy if you are dealing with criminal cases, the best.

By: Phil Timmons on Steve Hesse Law

Steve is an amazing attorney! He handled my issue with professionalism and diligence. If you ever need an attorney, he’s definitely your guy!!! Very pleased with his services!!!

By: Dwight Richter on Steve Hesse Law

I find Steve to be a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney that really listens to your concerns and cares about you as a person. Truly a good soul with a good heart. He wants to help get the best possible result and isn't just about the money.

By: Ted Price on Steve Hesse Law

Steve Hesse's advice to me was always ask for a lawyer if you are faced with accusations. It is great advice and Steve is a great attorney to ask for. His experience and personal attention can make all the difference + he is board certified, something you should always look for in a lawyer

By: Stephanie Rawlins on Steve Hesse Law

Having retained attorneys for both personal and professional endeavors, I was pleasantly surprised when Steve Hesse went above and beyond to inquire about and research into my questions and concerns. He then actually returned my call with the information he had gathered, while also providing the possibilities...and I had yet to become a client!