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If you or your loved ones become involved with the Williamson County Justice System, you need to have as much information available to you as possible.

The Williamson County Court and criminal proceedings are not always clear and the best course of action is not normally self evident. We have provided this information and link the Williamson County Criminal Justice System as a service to the residents of Williamson County.

The Williamson County Criminal Justice System consists of County Courts, District Courts and Justice Courts. The County Attorney and District Attorney are part of the Justice System. All of these offices are chosen in a general election.


The Texas Constitution provides for a county court in each of the 254 counties of the state. The constitutional county courts have original jurisdiction over all criminal cases involving Class A and Class B misdemeanors, which are the more serious minor offenses.

The County Courts of Law are located at the Williamson County Justice Center:

405 M.L.K. Street,
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: (512) 943-1200
Fax: (512) 943-1204

County Court at Law 1: Judge Brandy Hallford

County commissioners appointed Brandy Hallford as County Court-at-Law No. 1

Hallford replaces Judge Suzanne Brooks who announced her retirement from the court in March. Hallford will begin her new role on June 4, continuing thereafter until the next general election when a successor is duly elected.

County Court at Law 2: Judge Laura Barker

Judge Barker took office on June 17, 2016. She had a private law practice in Williamson County since 2003. She is the past president of the Williamson County Bar Association for 2014-2015. She is also one of the founding members of the Women Lawyer’s Section of the Williamson County Bar Association since its creation in 2009.

County Court at Law 3: Judge Doug Arnold

Judge Arnold has served in Williamson County since 1998. Prior to his position as Judge of County Court at Law No. 3, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in Williamson County from April 1998 through November 2010. He was an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, Texas from 1994 to 1998. Judge Arnold worked at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals as a briefing attorney to Judge Charles Campbell prior to his career as a prosecutor.

County Court at Law 4: Judge John B. McMaster

Judge McMaster has been Judge of the County Court at Law 4 since January 2006. Prior to his appointment, he had a private practice in family law in Georgetown.


The district courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction of Texas. The geographical area served by each court is established by the Legislature, Williamson County has five District Courts all of which are located in the Williamson County Justice Center.

District courts have original jurisdiction in felony criminal cases, divorce cases, cases involving title to land, election contest cases, civil matters in which the amount of money or damages involved is $200 or more, and any matters in which jurisdiction is not placed in another trial court. The courts may specialize in civil, criminal, juvenile, or family law matters.

26th District Court: Judge Donna King

Judge King was appointed by Governor Rick Perry in October 2014. She has been an attorney for nearly 20 years as a prosecutor, litigator, and child advocate and in private practice.

277th District Court: Judge Stacey Mathews

Judge Mathews served as the chief prosecutor of the 277th District Court. In 2012, she was Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. In October 2013, Governor Rick Perry appointed her as Judge of the 277th District Court.

368th District Court: Judge Rick J. Kennon

Governor Rick Perry appointed Rick Kennon as judge of the 368th District Court and was sworn in on November 1, 2013. Prior to his appointment Rick Kennon was a trial attorney for 29 years. He started as a prosecutor in 1985 in Travis County and then worked as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas. When he first went into private practice, he concentrated on criminal defense work for 9 years representing clients charged with both misdemeanors and felonies.

395th District Court: Judge Ryan Larson

On March 22, 2016, following his primary election victory, Ryan D. Larson was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott as judge of the 395th District Court and was sworn in on April 4, 2016.

Judge Larson was the head Administrative law judge at the Texas Railroad Commission and previously served as an assistant attorney general in the Texas Attorney General's Office.

425th District Court: Judge Betsy Lambeth

Judge Lambeth was sworn in on January 1, 2013 as the first female District Judge in the 167 year history of Williamson County. This court is charged with hearing family law matters. Prior to her taking office, Judge Lambeth had a private law practice specializing in family law for over 25 years.


There are four Justice Courts in Williamson County. Justices of the Peace serve as both Judges and Magistrates. As Judges, they preside over justice criminal court, justice civil court, and small claims court. As Magistrates, Justices of the Peace issue warrants, conduct criminal examining trails, admonish prisoners, and set bonds. Justices of the Peace also can perform marriage ceremonies and take on the duties of county corner on deaths that occur when not attended by a physician.

Justice of the Peace Precinct One: Judge Dain Johnson

Judge Johnson has served for four terms as Williamson County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, which covers Round Rock. He has twelve years on the bench and eight more as a juvenile probation officer.

J.B. and Hallie Jester Annex
1801 E Old Settlers Blvd, Ste 100
Round Rock, Texas, 78664
M-F: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Criminal / Traffic / Juvenile
Phone: (512) 244-8622
Fax: (512) 244-8602
Civil / Justice Court / Evictions
Phone: (512) 244-8618

Justice of the Peace Precinct Two: Judge Edna Staudt

Judge Staudt has served Williamson County since 1994. Judge Staudt created the Justice Court Mentoring Program which networks with local businesses and ministries to assign mentors to troubled teens in her court. She speaks regularly to civic groups and students educating on laws and policy and has sponsored numerous programs to address the issues seen regularly in Justice Court.

Williamson County Cedar Park Annex
350 Discovery Blvd., Ste. 204
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone: (512) 260-4210

Justice of the Peace Precinct Three: Judge Gill Gravell Jr.

The Williamson County Commissioners Court voted to appoint Bill Gravell Jr. as Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace effective March 1, 2013. Judge Gravell was elected March 4, 2014 as Justice of the Peace for Williamson County Pct. #3 in a general election and was sworn into his first full term on January 1, 2015. On September 3, 2015 Judge Gravell was appointed as a member of the Texas Judicial Council by Chief Justice Hecht for a term of four years to expire on February 1, 2019.

Innerloop Annex
301 S.E. Inner Loop, Ste. 103
Georgetown, TX 78626
Telephone: (512) 943-1501

Justice of the Peace Precinct Four: Judge Judy Hobbs

Judge Hobbs was appointed and sworn to office May 15, 1982. She is in her 9th term of office in Williamson County.

211 W 6th St
Taylor, Texas 76574
Phone: (512) 352-4155


From the Williamson County Attorney website:

The County Attorneys' Office is responsible for the prosecution of all misdemeanor cases that are filed in Williamson County. The Hot Checks Division of the Williamson County Attorney's Office is the clearinghouse for merchants and citizens to report those who write worthless checks. Our Office can use the criminal courts system to see that restitution is paid on the checks, check writers are identified and punished, and future crimes are deterred. The County Attorney aids in the prevention of domestic violence through legal representation of qualified applicants for protective orders, prosecution of domestic violence crimes, and community outreach.

The County Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting juvenile crime in Williamson County.

Prior to his position of County Attorney Mr. Hobbs served Williamson County as the Assistant County Attorney for 10 years.


Shawn Dick, the District Attorney is responsible for prosecuting felony criminal offenses that are committed in Williamson County. A felony means any offense that is punishable by a sentence of death or confinement in prison or state jail. Such offenses include murder, robbery, sexual assault, burglary and major drug and theft offenses. [Misdemeanor offenses generally are prosecuted by the County Attorney].

Mr. Dick has been a practicing attorney in private practice in Georgetown for 15 years. Prior to that he was an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, TX.

The County Attorney’s and District Attorney’s offices are located at the Williamson County Justice Center:

405 M.L.K. Ste. 240
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: (512) 943-1111
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